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XCMG Rough-terrain Cranes Are Again Exported! Why?
XCMG Rough-terrain Cranes Are Again Exported! Why?
Release Date: March 31, 2020

Different from the agile truck cranes and the robust all-terrain cranes, the rough-terrain crane, looks simple but has wild performance. It meets the dream of many hoist operators for adventures.

Recently, in this particular industrial base of XCMG, the new XCMG rough-terrain cranes stood in line, about to depart for Central Asia and help with the construction of Belt & Road projects in these countries. This was the second shipping of XCMG rough-terrain cranes after they were shipped the first time last year.


As the new-generation rough-terrain cranes with great adaptability, the products shipped to Central Asia are categorized as a highly-adaptable regional model on the basis of world-leading G-generation technological platform of XCMG. With six typical features, namely, high performance, high reliability, high adaptability, low cost of use, intelligence and people orientation, the model is the mainstream model that is genuinely positioned for high-end market. In special operation venues such as desert, port and narrow urban space, and in extreme climates such as very hot and cold environments, XCMG’s rough-terrain cranes can work easily, thus presenting the extraordinary charm.


XCMG rough-terrain crane works in a natural gas plant construction project in Central Asia.


Last year, customers in Central Asia purchased more than ten XCMG rough-terrain cranes. Thanks to the reliable product performance and wonderful after-sales service, the clients have consolidated their recognition of XCMG brand. Nowadays, the newly-launched mobile cranes, whose appearance and trimmings have been upgraded, consider the client demands and regional characteristics to add a few practical functions in design such as high-voltage alarm, emergency lowering down, and low-temperature protection, etc. The wonderful combination of functionality and visual effect make the clients expect better performance of the new products in the future.


When the world is hit by COVID-19 pandemic, XCMG is active in pandemic control, organizes orderly resumption of work and production, efficiently manufactures the products in required quantity and quality, delivers them to the customers.

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