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150 Sold to Southeast Asia! XCMG Sees Rising Overseas Sales of Heavy-duty Truck.
150 Sold to Southeast Asia! XCMG Sees Rising Overseas Sales of Heavy-duty Truck.
Release Date: April 25, 2017

Recently, another batch of 150 XCMG Hanvan tractors and tippers were exported to Southeast Asia. With advanced technology and superb quality, Hanvan heavy-duty trucks have found ready and rising sales on overseas markets. 

Since 2015 when XCMG launched Hanvan high-end heavy-duty trucks, the product has been a star in the limelight, not only breaking sales records in the growth of sales on domestic market, but also securing triumphs on overseas markets with substantial orders.

XCMG heavy-duty trucks are loading for shipment

China’s heavy-duty truck industry has been developed for 60 years. However, “XCMG Hanvan”, a model with a history of merely one year, outshone its counterparts and stood out on the global market. What secrets are there behind such great success?

The newer, the better

Since entering the area of heavy-duty truck, XCMG has placed it on a high-end position and made bold investments. It is no wonder Hanvan series would have made such a big breakthrough upon its launch onto the market. 

XCMG Heavy-duty Truck R&D Center

State-of-the-art technology: As for R&D, XCMG adopts a two-tier R&D mode: Nanjing XCMG Research Institute is responsible for applicable technology research for vehicles while XCMG overseas R&D team is responsible for international cutting-edge technology and its application. In addition to the top-ranking comprehensive R&D capacities, XCMG relies on Vehicle and Parts Lab, which is a leading lab in Asia, for experimental study as to ensure the high-end R&D. 

State-of-the-art process: the new production base for XCMG heavy-duty trucks boasts the most state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technique of the industry, including a complete set of manufacturing process including pressing, welding, coating, assembly and testing, as well as information based operation and management for high-end manufacturing. 

XCMG top truck Hanvan G9

Top end product: Hanvan high-end heavy-duty truck is developed by XCMG together with international top truck R&D team in three years. On the strength of top-class performance, comfort and safety as well as high cost-effectiveness that beats its competitors, the product has become a pinnacle of China-made heavy-duty truck. In particular, Top Truck Hanvan G9 has created a new chapter for the open innovation of Chinese heavy-duty trucks.

The six-category product array of XCMG heavy-duty truck

Complete product line: XCMG heavy-duty trucks now include seven major product arrays of Hanvan G9, Hanvan G7, Hanvan G5, QL T3, RL Z, off-road and right-hand driving, covering a wide spectrum ranging from tractor, truck, tipper to special-purpose vehicle, from heavy-duty truck to medium-sized truck, from wide-bodied to narrow-bodied, from left-hand driving to right-hand driving, from road type to engineering type. XCMG has taken the lead in the industry with the full range of products. 

The further, the stronger

China is rising. China is revitalizing. This unprecedented great historical journey has been infused with the passion and power of the entire nation, let alone a large number of outstanding national brands in the industrial sector that strive to realize the dream of a powerful nation of China. 

XCMG in machinery industry is like Geely in automobile, Huawei in electronics and Gree in home appliances. They may not be among the largest ones, but they are the most powerful ones. They have honored the country with achievements in their respective areas. They have further and bigger dreams to pursue. That is why they have made it this far. 

They all share a common aspiration to help China rise in the international community, speed up revitalization of the Chinese nation and return the country and contribute to the world with industrial success. They have truly inherited the gene of excellence of the Chinese people. Facing the historical setbacks, they are bold and remain confidence. Instead of losing faith, they are burning with the fighting will and o all they can to catch up! 

The worlird’s fst LNG Suspension Five-Axis Tipper by XCMG

They all share a common strategy to proactively accelerate the global deployment of R&D, manufacturing and sales. Among all Chinese enterprises, it is them that take the lead in M&A of foreign excellent brands and consolidation of global quality resources for our own utilization, innovation and development. So far, XCMG has successfully acquired 3 European companies including Schwing Stetter of Germany, and set up four major R&D Centers in Germany, the USA, Brazil and India, a European Purchase Center, 12 overseas assembly plants such as Brazil Production Base, as well as 86 marketing organizations, 300 plus international distributors and spare parts centers, and 500 plus contractual service providers around the world. XCMG has elevated the global expansion of a Chinese equipment manufacturer to a new height.

XCMG Overseas Business Pattern

XCMG R&D Center in Europe

XCMG R&D Center n the USA

They share a common understanding that strong technical competitiveness does not come from relying on or borrowing from others. One must take earnest efforts to stand his feet and be independent for innovation and technical originality. The truth has proven that they have done it. 

XCMG National Technical Center

“Better Than Raw”

Among all these excellent national brands, XCMG is the only time-honored national enterprise of traditional industry and with its own practical actions, it has redefined people’s old impressions about the “old national enterprises” and interpret what is known as “Better Than Raw”. Then what makes XCMG “better”? 

Stronger spirit. XCMG was previously “No. 8 Arsenal of South Shandong for the Eighth Route Army”, founded over 70 years ago in 1943. Having been through the Anti-Japanese War and the Liberation War, the arsenal has contributed greatly to defeating the foreign invaders and rebuilding the country, inspiring generations of employees of XCMG to forge ahead. This spirit has been summarized as “Big responsibilities, great way and profound achievements”, distinguishing XCMG from other brands and propelling it to push forward relentlessly.

Smarter strategy. In the recent global expansion, Mr. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, put forward major and core strategies, such as “heading for the top” and “leading technology and durable quality”. As a result, XCMG’s global competitiveness has been rising sharply. 

The release of golden standard of “leading technology and durable quality”

Greater strength. Thanks to the rapid advancement of the international strategy, XCMG has made successive success on the global market. After driving international giants out of the Chinese market, XCMG has entered the local markets in Europe and the USA.

XCMG has proven, with its business performance, that a great national with a leading history of more than five thousand years will eventually return to the pinnacle of the world, while an enterprise striving for independent innovation and revitalization of national industry will climb atop among the world-leading enterprises. 

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